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We offer appliance repairs in Canberra for all types of home appliances, repairing domestic and international. Call us to schedule service.

Home appliances

We repair all major home appliances, both international and domestic.


We pride ourselves on dishwasher repair, cal us and find out why.


Dryer not heating? not tumbling? We can fix it.


Refrigerator not cooling? Freezer not working? Call us Now!

Garbage Disposal

Stop procrastinating, small problems will soon become bigger problems.


Don’t buy a new microwave, we can fix all brands, makes and models.


Door not locking? Not heating like it should? Call Us and we’re there.


We repair both electric and gas stoves, we do it all.

Washing Machine

Don’t buy new, we’ll make your washer work as good as new again.

Freequently Asked Questions

I need my appliance fixed today, can I get help?

Probably the single most question we’re asked is for same day service and we’re proud to admit, yes you can. We have technicians throughout Canberra ready to help and when they get the call, they’re ready. We strive for same day service and while it’ not always possible, we’re pretty damn close.

Is it better to buy new or replace the appliance we have?

This is a hard question to answer, and it’s one you have to ask yourself. Buying a new appliance can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for a premium model. Appliances are just like anything else, you get what you pay for. You can expect to spend about 1400+ AUS to get a high-quality washer that will last at least 10 years or 500+ to get one you’ll have to repair or replace in about 3-4 years. Most repairs, including washing machines will cost you a fraction of the cost of buying a base washer brand new, and you can get another 3-4 years of rigorous use out of it.

Will You come out on the Weekends or at night?

We have technicians available around the clock, and yes, we do weekend and night service calls. It depends on our availability at that time and the severity of the problem which we’ll determine when you call, and based on your availability we’ll setup a service date and time that’s convenient for you.

You say you're the "best", why is that?

We’ve been serving the Canberra area for over 10 years, and in that time we’ve become well-received by our customers. Do we think we’re the best at what we do, “Yes We Do”. Not only because we know we’re good at what we do, but because our customers continually praise us for a job well-done. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and when our customers are happy, we’re happy. We’re not cocky, we’re just proud of the great service we provide our customers.

Do you service international Appliances?

Australian branded appliances are our specialty, but when it comes to international brands we’re equally as good. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to work efficiently and competently on all brands of home appliances.

Why are your prices cheaper than other Canberra appliance repair services?

Keeping it simple; due to our great reputation we have a large volume of service calls. Most of our calls are from word of mouth and internet referrals which allows us to minimally spend on marketing. We can’t speak on all other appliance repair services in Canberra, but I bet it’s safe to assume that most spend quite a bit on their own marketing. This saves us a ton of money and the savings is passed on to our customers.

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“I called late in the evening not expecting service until at least the next day. Boy was I surprised, they came out that night and had my dryer fixed in less than 1 hour.”

Crystal Cullen

“Thought for sure I would have to replace my washer, but was hoping it could be fixed because of money. Canberra Appliance Repairs was not only able get it working again, but also did some other minor work making it work like new again.”

Andy Deems

“I would never have thought as an appliance repairman caring about customer service, but this one was. He explained my best options in detail while looking out for my best interests.”

Scott Chavez

Why Choose Canberra Appliance Repairs Service

customer satisfaction

Our #1 goal is your satisfaction. We’ve built quite a reputation over the years by providing honest, dependable and reliable services our customers appreciate.

One-call does it all

One phone call is all it takes and you’ll see for yourself that we really do do it all.  We repair most home appliances and we don’t discriminate on brands, makes or models.

Transparent quote

We love being tranparent and wouldn’t have it any other way. When we give you a quote, we don’t “forget” to disclose anything.

Canberra Appliance Repairs Service, knows that household appliances are common machines which can develop faults over time. It is quite normal as these faults can be fixed with a quick repair. Dealing with the crisis of a faulty appliance can be a burden on the head but no need to worry because we have solutions for all the household appliances. We have the right knowledge and an expert team of professionals which can fix your equipment in no time and release of your burden too.

Customer’s satisfaction is our top priority, and we try our best to satisfy the customer by understanding the problem and resolving it as soon as possible. Our services are available all over Canberra. We deal with different household appliances which include dishwashers, ovens, stoves, microwave ovens, washers, dryers and other common appliances too.

All you need to do is to call us at the provided number, and you will be connected with our customer service representative. After taking in a few details of your problem, we can give you an estimate of the cost which will be incurred on your machine. Additionally, we can assign a technician to head over to your place and resolve your issue. Our prompt response and fast service have made us the #1 repair service businesses in all of Australia.

Below is a list of some areas which we cover in Canberra and surroundings:

Canberra Appliance Repairs, AU has the Cheapest Rates and Quickest Response Times

Call us and get your machine serviced today. We have different teams for different types of appliances. These teams are all over Canberra which means we can be at your doorstep in no time. Here is a list of some of the appliances we repair:

Call Canberra Appliance Repairs Service, AU for All Your Repair Needs Today

We aim to provide quality services in a swift manner which is why we try our best to fix your appliance on the same day. This is not always possible even with our large and enthusiastic team. It is because there are other factors such as other waiting customers, your location, the complexity of the problem, the requirement of spare parts, and timings, etc. However, if you are looking for quality and long-lasting work, a little wait is definitely worth it.

Servicing All Makes and Models

Since we have been in the industry for a long time, we are able to repair different types of appliances of different brands.

A few brands serviced by Canberra Appliance Repairs include: Amana, Bosch, GE, Frigidaire, Generic, Haier, IFB, Intex, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Lloyd, Maytag, Onida, Panasonic, Roper, Samsung, Siemens, Speed Trend, Queen, Whirlpool and many more. You can call us for further information on other brands

Dishwasher Repair Canberra, AU

We have fixed hundreds of dishwashers, and we know the different types of issues that arise in a dishwasher. Usually, there is only some minor problem in the plumbing section which is fixed at a low cost. Other than that, we have the parts ready with us all the time so that your time is saved and you get your machine back to working order soon. We service different types of dishwashers which include:

  • Compact dishwashers
  • Free standing dishwashers
  • Hidden fully integrated dishwashers
  • Slimline dishwashers
  • Portable dishwashers
  • Countertop dishwashers

Dryer Repair Canberra, AU

Dryers are essential equipment of our daily lives, and it would feel absolutely terrible to have a broken dryer. A few issues which are common in dryers include random noises, producing additional heat, not tumbling or drying properly, etc. The best thing to do if you have a broken dryer is to call us and inform us about the make and model. Our mobile dryer repair team will take care of the rest, but if you’re in Melbourne then we recommend calling Melbourne Appliance Repairs Service.

Garbage Disposal Repair Canberra, AU

If your garbage disposal machine is malfunctioning, it is going to be big trouble for you. It will lead to choking up of other pipes, the sink, and will also cause a very bad odor. If you want a solution to the malfunction of your machine, Canberra Appliance Repairs, AU, is going to help you. There are two common problems reported in a garbage disposal repair unit:

  • Hums, but does not grind
  • Makes no sound at all

Even though these machines have a life of more than 7-10 years, they may develop problems over time which can be fixed. Usually, there is a jam in the motor due to dust. Don’t try to remove any dust in the motor manually and always ask the expert to take care of the job. We have the motors of different types of garbage disposal with us in stock and can replace immediately if required.

Microwave Repair Canberra, AU

We are confident in each microwave we repair and we will provide you with a warranty for our work too. There are different types of microwaves which we service:

  • Countertop
  • Over the range
  • Microwave convection oven combo
  • Microwave with grill function
  • Under-counter
  • Under-cabinet (suspended)
  • Built-in (above the counter)

Our recommendation is to repair a microwave instead of replacing it because the cost of replacing it is high. These machines are built to last for a long time but may develop malfunctions that are a quick fix. Call us if your microwave is not heating properly, or the table is broken, or any other related issue.

Oven Repair Canberra, AU

Ovens are big machines, and usually, we receive very few calls on an oven repair. When we do, we know it’s going to be a big job. However, a repair is always better than a complete replacement. A few common problems that might be in an oven include:

  • Not heating
  • Uneven cooking
  • Does not heat up to the required temperature
  • Not turning on
  • Control panel problems


Refrigerator Repair Canberra, AU

Refrigerators are also an example of complicated machinery. Usually, a fridge may develop issues like not cooling, not cooling to the required temperature, internal trays and light malfunctions, and compressor problems, etc.​ However, our team is 100% confident in repairing all brands of Refrigerators. We can even fix them at odd hours if you have an emergency case. Fixing refrigerators is something that we have been doing for years, and we are proud of how we have serviced them with low-cost solutions.

Stove Repair Canberra, AU

If a stove stops working, there might be a few issues in the internal parts and elements like the broil element, burners, fuses, control panels, switches, and electronic unit, etc. Our stove repair team is always ready to receive your call and fix your stove at your doorstep. We have all the necessary equipment and element burners in our stock to help you get back on track in a fast manner.

Washing Machine Repair Canberra, AU

Washers do not have a very long life, but you should still try to get them repaired for the minor electrical and mechanical issues. Trust us for resolving any problems because we will repair your washing machine as soon as possible. Call us if you face any of the following issues:

  • Won’t turn on
  • Water leaks
  • Doesn’t spin at all or spins inconsistent
  • Malfunction in dispensing detergent
  • Shaking and moving erratically
  • Excessive noise
  • Has a bad smell
  • Not finishing cycle
  • Issues with drain pipe

Suburbs in and Around Canberra We Service

The following is a list of suburbs around Canberra (but not limited to) we provide our appliance repair Canberra services in:

Canberra, Belconnen, Tuggeranong, Woden, Jerrabomberra, Phillip, Coombs, Holt, Turner, Aranda, Mitchell, Charnwood, Kambah, Watson, Kingston, Gowrie, Mawson

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Our friendly customer support staff is ready to take your call. Give us a call and you’ll find out what seperates us apart from other appliance repair services in Canberra, ACT.

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